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Influencers in Technology

Tech has always been a tricky space for commercial real estate. At first, the industry was a laggard in tech adoption; then it soon caught up. In the mean

time, technology has been evolving to the point where it can remake companies’ business models and go-to-market strategies. Keeping up with these trends requires both tech acumen and a deep understanding of commercial real. We’ve identified some of the top people who have accomplished that.


BKM Capital Partners

Upon joining BKM Capital Partners in 2017, Victor Morales led the firm to utilize a holistic, company-wide approach in adopting and implementing new technologies. As the information technology manager, he plays a key role in many initiatives, serving as both an in-house technical expert and a liaison between the firm’s business and technology operations. Morales’ solution-oriented mindset allows him to create best practices, establish operating procedures, identify needs and solutions, ensure database security, conduct business analyses and communicate findings. He has successfully implemented more than 15 software systems within the past year, while tailoring a full-scale, learning management methodology; developing digital content and user guides while hosting routine webinars across 11 offices to compliment new projects and ensure employees are properly informed. Leveraging his diverse past experience across various industries, he elevates standards to expand the firm within the light industrial asset class. He credits his ambition and work ethic to his childhood experience; struggling through poverty and watching his immigrant parents overcome obstacles to offer him life’s greatest opportunities. He is now the only member of his family to become a US citizen, attend college and vote.

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