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Brian K Malliet is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of BKM Capital Partners. In his role as Chief Executive Officer and as a leader on BKM’s Investment Committee, Malliet has been integral in the firm’s strategic direction and development, nearly doubling BKM’s size annually and creating a robust operator platform spanning 12 regional US markets under his guidance.
Malliet brings more than 35 years of commercial real estate and investment experience to this role, including brokering transactions in excess of 154 million square feet, valued at $750 million, and acquiring 100 small and mid-bay industrial properties in the Western US with equity of approximately $860 million over his career.

Brian Malliet
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Bill Galipeau is Chief Financial Officer at BKM Capital Partners. In his role, Galipeau manages the company's finance and accounting functions while implementing the company's strategic growth plans to create long-term enterprise value. He also oversees financial and operational risk, structuring of fund and investment vehicles, and analysis of all financial models and statements across the company.
Galipeau brings more than 25 years investment management experience to his position at BKM, with expertise in fixed income, derivatives, cash and FX structured products and other complex investment vehicles. He has a consistent track record of success in a variety of senior management positions with some of the world's premier investment management firms. In addition to his business responsibilities, Galipeau also served as Audit Committee Chairman of the PIMCO Foundation and as a board member for the American Red Cross of Orange County.

Bill Galipeau
Chief Financial Officer

Harry B. Hedison is Senior Managing Director of Capital Markets and Investor Relations at BKM Capital Partners. In his executive position, Hedison manages the investor relations and capital market teams while playing an integral role in capital raising across the company's funds and joint ventures. Hedison focuses on driving investor value and overseeing investor communication across the company.
Hedison brings more than 35 years of real estate and investment experience to his role and has a track record of raising capital for a broad range of real estate and real asset strategies across a variety of channels and geographies. Throughout his career, he has originated and executed over $20 billion of global real estate capital raising assignments, developed global product and marketing strategies and lead multiple acquisitions teams. Hedison has held key executive positions in the real estate investment management sector, including capital markets, private equity, investor relations, acquisitions, and marketing.

Harry Hedison
Senior Managing Director, Capital Markets & Investor Relations

Rob Sistek is Senior Managing Director of Investments of BKM Capital Partners. In his position and as member of the firm’s Investment Committee, Sistek spearheads BKM’s investment management program, including overall strategic planning, portfolio management, asset management, investor relations, and marketing to ensure high-level investment strategies are executed efficiently and returns are optimized for all stakeholders. Sistek focuses on orchestrating strategies to drive growth and value by overseeing the funds’ performance.
Sistek brings more than 20 years of industry experience to his position, applying his expertise from all phases of real estate investment management including portfolio management, acquisitions, capital markets, accounting, finance, treasury, and investor relations for a wide range of transactions.

Rob Sistek
Senior Managing Director, Investments

Susan Rounds serves as Managing Director of Operations for Newport Beach, California-based BKM Capital Partners, an expanding multi-tenant industrial platform. She brings more than 20 years of operational experience encompassing human resources, team management, and business development. Rounds will contribute extensive expertise in this area and adds remarkable achievements working in prominent leadership roles.
Rounds’ primary responsibilities at BKM encompass the effective implementation of HR initiatives, policies and procedures including compliance, recruiting, retention, performance management, and coaching as well as managing the relationship with BKM’s Professional Employer Organization. In addition, Susan serves a critical leadership position in providing strategic and technical guidance to BKM’s Marketing, Technology, Legal, and Office Administration. She will help to build a strong company culture, team management, and employee development by fostering collaboration, innovation, and organizational effectiveness.

Susan K. Rounds, SHRM-SCP
Managing Director, Operations

Brett Turner is Managing Director of Acquisitions of BKM Capital Partners and serves as the firm’s Investment Committee Director. Turner oversees the sourcing and underwriting of potential commercial real estate acquisitions as well as dispositions. Since helping found BKM in 2013, Turner has generated $2.1 billion in transactions across the Western U.S.
Turner brings 17 years of experience to his position at BKM, allowing for a broad range of industry expertise, including acquisitions, dispositions, finance, development, asset management, environmental remediation, and leasing. Throughout his career, Turner has successfully executed more than $2.5 billion across 18 million square feet in sale transactions throughout the Western U.S. 

Brett Turner
Managing Director, Acquisitions

Rene Velasquez is Managing Director of Asset & Property Management of BKM Capital Partners and serves as a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. In his executive position, Velasquez spearheads BKM’s asset, construction, and property management departments to deliver competitive offerings that drive growth and increase value. He also oversees the cross-collaboration of various internal departmental teams to standardize, improve, and automate real estate and facilities processes to support company business and financial objectives. Velasquez specializes in executing the firm’s high-level business plans, strategic planning, and general oversight of the assets’ performance.


Velasquez brings more than 30 years of experience to his position at BKM, with expertise in portfolio management, analytical deal underwriting, feasibility studies, leasing execution, and having completed acquisitions for over 3.1 billion square feet of commercial real estate for commercial owners, developers, and brokers through his business Proforma Plus. He is skilled in creating and integrating asset valuations, annual evaluations, property-level and partnership-level reporting of high-yielding portfolios up to $250 million each.

Rene Velasquez
Managing Director, Asset & Property Management

Jared Christensen is Managing Director of Joint Ventures at BKM Capital Partners. In his executive position, Christensen develops, maintains and grows the firm’s joint venture divisions. He also leads cross-collaboration of various internal departments in the delivery of financial and performance reports to standardize, improve, and automate various real estate processes to support business and financial objectives.
Christensen brings more than 20 years of commercial real estate experience across capital markets, acquisitions, dispositions, asset management, leasing and marketing to his position at BKM. Throughout his career, Christensen has overseen acquisitions, recapitalizations, and dispositions, representing over $200 million in transaction volume. Christensen also negotiated more than 1,200 leases, led the execution of $10 million of value-add rehabilitation projects, and managed a portfolio of 4.6 million square feet of commercial properties. He has held key leadership roles in capital markets and asset management with real estate private equity firms, applying his strong leadership and management skills to BKM’s strategic growth initiatives.

Jared Christensen
Managing Director, Joint Ventures

Mike Valdes is Director of Accounting & Financial Reporting of BKM Capital Partners. In this position, he oversees the company’s accounting, tax, audit, and reporting functions. Valdes also leads corporate financial planning and analysis, focused on financial modeling, cash flow projections and budgeting. Valdes applies his expertise in all financial reporting efforts, and the building of complex financial analytics for visibility into bottom-line profitability. 


Valdes brings more than 10 years of strategic finance and accounting experience to his role, specifically in real estate, private equity, alternative investments, and illiquid asset portfolios. Additionally, he has extensive experience enacting the design and execution of the financial reporting infrastructures, valuation analyses, and strategic planning. Mike is a licensed Certified Public Accountant, an Executive member of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Mike Valdes
Director, Accounting & Financial Reporting

Paul Dolinoy is an Advisor of BKM Capital Partners. In this position, he facilitates client development as well as oversees departmental management and organizational initiatives. Dolinoy generates high-level, high-performing, profitable transactions for BKM. 
Dolinoy brings more than 40 years of experience to his role at BKM. As a veteran of the real estate industry, Dolinoy is an expert in raising capital, acquisitions, asset management, disposition operations, client management and marketing. Over the course of his career, he has secured more than $5 billion in assets, oversaw a portfolio of 35 high-yielding institutional clients, and managed more than $40 billion across several funds and investments. Dolinoy is a skilled keynote speaker and has made over 5,000 presentation to clients, industry groups, and internal audiences. He has been a keynote speaker at the Chartered Financial Analysts National Convention, the Asia Society, the Institute for Fiduciary Education, and the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Annual Symposium.

Paul Dolinoy