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Whitepaper: Scaling Success: Small Bay Industrial's Steadfast Foundations

Explore BKM's latest whitepaper discussing the fundamentals of small-bay industrial assets and how this resilient asset class can present a promising long-term investment opportunity.

Industrial building dock doors
Lionshead Landing | Vista, CA

Newport Beach, CA, January 18, 2024 – Industrial has long been considered the darling of real estate, emerging through the COVID-19 pandemic as a CRE powerhouse despite the softening economy and tight lending environment. 

More notably in the industrial asset class are small-bay warehouses, which have shone brightest in the spotlight as they present a promising investment opportunity as a facilitator for local distribution networks, an excess inventory solution to combat supply chain disruptions, and a diversified industrial alternative with capabilities to accommodate a wide array of tenant needs. 

Property fundamentals in the industrial asset class remain compelling, with historically low availability, development, and time on the market contributing to a continued source of high demand for these spaces. In addition to this, industrial assets typically benefit from low weighted average lease terms and diverse tenant profiles, providing a hedge against inflation and protection from downturns in the economy. Demand from onshore manufacturing and the rise in advanced technology together with a constrained supply chain place small-bay industrial assets in a strong position for growth through 2024.

To access the whitepaper, click here.


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