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  • BKM Listed As Industrial Influencer

Newport Beach, CA, September 6, 2022 named BKM Capital Partners among the top industrial influencers organizations. BKM Capital Partners is a vertically-integrated institutional fund manager focused on multi-use logistics and light industrial properties in the Western US. The firm recognized an opportunity to build value with a less-heralded segment of the industrial market and has proven it can unearth value-add, multi-tenant industrial opportunities and generate success in areas others have ignored. Established in 2013, BKM Capital Partners is led by CEO Brian Malliet, CFO Bill Galipeau, senior managing director of capital markets and investor relations Harry Hedison, managing director of operations Susan Rounds, senior managing director of investments Rob Sistek, and senior managing director of acquisitions and dispositions Brett Turner. Since its founding, the firm’s strategy to build a specialized platform and assemble a portfolio of these properties has led to the creation of an asset class within the larger industrial sector and has proven to offer compelling risk-adjusted returns that appeal to institutional-caliber investors. BKM’s portfolio has performed well throughout the pandemic due to its in-house teams that handle asset management, construction, leasing and on-site property management functions, which proved valuable as the team members remained in close contact with tenants and could address issues before they became problems. During the height of the pandemic, BKM helped tenants that were struggling to pay rent to find relief through government programs, community support and other options. In 2021, the firm completed more than $950 million in transactional activity, involving 5.5 million square feet of industrial space across five states, and it continued to build its portfolio to $1.5 billion in current assets under management, encompassing 45 properties totaling 8.2 million square feet across the Western US.

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