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This is What DE&I Looks Like in CRE Right Now

December 20, 2021 - The first global benchmark of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) metrics for commercial real estate shows that there is a clear mandate and momentum for DEI to be a priority, with 92% of firms adopting a DEI program or initiatives to improve DEI in the workplace.

BKM Capital Partners Brian Malliet, CEO & founder tells “At BKM Capital Partners (BKM), diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) are central to our business strategy. BKM has a clearly defined policy and subcommittee under ESG to ensure integration of DEI principles in our everyday business practices.”

Metrics tracked by BKM include employee demographics, women and minority owned business in tenant base, and impact of philanthropic efforts to improve social equity. The efforts to promote DEI are paying off, as 54% of BKM’s employees are female, 29% of female employees identify as BIPOC, and 32% of all BKM employees identify as BIPOC.

Its leadership team is 24% female, and 24% identify as BIPOC, all above NAREIM benchmarks. BKM promotes and encourages a diverse workforce via training, hiring practices focused on DEI, and allowing a floating holiday not currently part of BKM’s federal observed holidays.

A recent endeavor that reflects BKM’s strong commitment to DEI was the fact that CEO Brian Malliet signed on to the CREW Network CRE Pledge for Action.

“This industry-first, CEO-driven initiative is designed to advance women, and elevate actions that encourage greater diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the commercial real estate industry,” Malliet said.

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