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Whitepaper: Reshoring's Ripple Effect, the Case for Light Industrial

Discover BKM's latest whitepaper exploring the recent resurgence of U.S. manufacturing and its effect on demand for light industrial space.

Industrial manufacturing facility

Newport Beach, CA, January 11, 2024 As onshore manufacturing and reshoring by U.S. companies begins to accelerate, the demand for industrial space should continue to climb as more space will be needed to house new and relocated manufacturing facilities and their associated interdependent businesses.

In addition to creating opportunities for owners and investors in the light industrial sector, which typically houses the support network for large-scale manufacturing, there are also substantial benefits that together contribute to the overall health of the U.S. economy, such as job creation, supply chain resilience, sustainability, and innovation.

The benefits discussed herein collectively tie into a phenomenon known as the Ripple Effect of Reshoring, which refers to the positive impact that reshoring and nearshoring can have on various aspects of business, the domestic economy, and society at large. Reshoring has gained traction in recent years as businesses reconsider their global supply chain strategies and seek to enhance competitiveness, resilience, and sustainability in their core operations.

To access the whitepaper, click here.


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