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BKM's Brian Malliet Named Among Influencers in Industrial 2023

September 5, 2023 – The industrial asset class has not been as beleaguered as some other categories in commercial real estate but it still has posed challenges to the community. Fundamentals are softening and subleasing has gained currency in many locations as vacancies increase. This is not to say that the space is facing any long-term difficulties – next year many believe that the vacancies will drop once more as supply tightens. We have selected the following men, women, teams and companies as those best suited to help guide the industry through these times due to their skills and industry knowledge.


Brian Malliet launched BKM Capital Partners in 2013 to create a new platform and bring structure to a previously fractionalized component of the industrial sector – value-add opportunities within the multi-tenant light industrial and logistics space in key industrial corridors within the western US. With more than 36 years in the industry, Malliet is recognized as a pioneer, innovator and leader in the small- and medium-bay industrial asset space. Under his leadership, BKM has grown from a two-person operation into a robust investment platform active in six states with more than 90 employees. The BKM team regularly navigates roughly 2,000 tenant touchpoints and has completed nearly $3 billion of industrial transactions, including 14.1 million square feet and more than 3,000 tenants in 74 properties. The firm has also obtained more than $1 billion in capital commitments for its BKM Industrial Value Fund series. As CEO, Malliet has been integral in the firm’s strategic direction and development, nearly doubling BKM’s size annually and creating a robust operator platform spanning 12 regional US markets under his guidance. He also launched an independent advisory board, expanded BKM’s joint-venture partnerships and had record-breaking performance and execution on its assets, while also pursuing environmentally sustainable business practices. Malliet has acquired more than 120 light industrial and multi-use logistics assets in the western US valued at $3.2 billion and has facilitated more than 150 million square feet of real estate transactions during his career.

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